There are a lot of bad things. Earth quakes, for example. However, in my country there is one thing apparently worse than anything else (even including really, really, really slow and bad drivers): refugees. You may ask how poor people, trying to escape persecution or war, are considered to be worse than bad drivers. This is a long story caused by our law. In the light of the fact that more and more refugees are overfilling Europe, every country has to accommodate some of them. “Some” in this conjunction means some thousands. Where I live, every province has to provide shelter for a certain amount of refugees. They are not allowed to work here, still they get approximately 1.000 Euro per month. That is only a tiny bit less than the average native earns.

1000 Euro for doing nothing. The result are natives who hate the refugees for doing nothing and earning more than enough money and refugees who can impossibly integrate properly. Furthermore, if you drive on a rural road, there are often refugees spotted. And guess what – they are doing nothing (except for riding there ancient bicycle to buy some food in the shop, ten kilometres away).

Does really anyone think being a refugee is fun? If I had to stay at home the whole day, I would get crazy. If I got money for staying at home, I would take it. If I was ignored by anyone except for some foreign refugees, I would get sad. Because if there is anything a refugee really can’t change, then this would be the law of a foreign country and the fact that he is a refugee. None of them would stay at home if he was able and allowed to do some work. They don’t even ask for the money – the government just gives it to them.

Why aren’t they learning our spoken language? Would you? Think of learning a language you are not going to need anyhow. None of the inhabitants of the village where you are sheltered wants to talk to you (because you are a refugee and therefore you are a bad guy) and you have to expect that your asylum application will be denied.

If glances could kill, I think no refugee would be still alive. I feel sorry for them. They have had a long and dangerous journey. Now they are safe, but everyone hates them for getting shelter and money but not being allowed to work. This is a fact they can impossibly change.

Every time I see a refugee, I give him or her a smile. You would never guess how happy they are. Just because of that one smile. Just because I raised the corners of my mouth for them. I did not even stop the car. I just smiled. Contracting 15 muscles is not hard work, believe me. Every single one is able to brighten up the mind of a poor refugee.

Go ahead and think of it.


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