There is nothing on earth people are more unsure and discordant about. Although none of us really has an evidence for some being above – let us call it “God” – , we are pretty certain about our own religion. Any different one is either wrong or weird and unbelievable.

Lots of ethical rules are bound to “God”. If someone dares to break a rule, he will be considered a sinner. This is everywhere the same game. Bad guys are sinners and will be punished and good ones will be relieved or sent to heaven. The old Greeks thought about ethic too. To be honest, they thought about everything – they kind of invented philosophy. Somehow, ethical rules are always nearly the same. You aren’t supposed to kill. You aren’t supposed to lie. You aren’t supposed to be greedy. You are supposed to love everyone. Stuff like that. Anyway, people read somewhere in the Bible or Koran or whatever their book of faith is called that they have to fight for their religion and therefore kill other people. Although in nearly every religion killing is forbidden.

Everybody is supposed to believe in the same “God” as I do! This attitude is the most common reason for war. Just because someone doesn’t believe in the exactly same thing as others do, does not mean that they are bad. I dare to claim that there aren’t two people on earth, who believe in the exactly same religion. They may call themselves Christians, Jews or Buddhists, although every single of them has a slightly different opinion about the world or how it was “produced”. Crusades in the Middle Ages were merely a result of religion.

Every religion teaches us to respect our fellows. Why don’t we start then? I am not supposed to judge what others credit – even not if my opposite believes in pink elephants on the South Pole. Have you ever seen a pink elephant on the South Pole? No? Still this is no evidence that there really aren’t pink elephants there. Everybody thought that there are only white swans on earth. Until somebody found black ones. Everybody was stunned, I can guarantee. If someone is trying to convince me of something I definitely don’t agree with, I don’t have to believe, have I? Why do we waste precious time just to fret about others?

Let’s be a bit selfish – just care about what you believe in. Because this is the right opinion. For you. Still it is the right one. In fact, there are lots of “right” opinions out there. Back in the prehistory, people also wondered what will happen after their death. You can’t tell me that thousand different clans thought about the exactly same – and therefore right – ways of possible after-death-scenarios. This is impossible.

If you try to follow different trains of thought, you may also find a different access to our own convictions. And if not, there is nothing going to happen to you. At least there is no sure evidence of punishment after death (just like there was no evidence of black swans). What do you think of religious convictions?


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