15 Things Austria Is Famous For

Austria is my favourite winter holiday destination, maybe because it is known as “Winterwonderland”, maybe because I simply like it. In fact, Austria has a lot more to afford than ski slopes. These are my favourite places in Austria:

15 – Vienna: Prater

Vienna is known as the capital city of Austria. Some people also think of Manner or Sacher. If you ever were to Prater, you would probably think of this one too. It’s the largest fun park in Austria and has a long history. Although it is not opened the whole year round, it is definitely worth a visit. The Vienna Ferris wheel is also located in the Prater and you can easily get to the next point by using the subway.

14 – Vienna: St. Stephen’s Cathedral

If you want to take a look at a gigantic cathedral, surrounded by beautiful and old houses, you will have to come to Vienna. You may be lucky to hear the sound of the biggest bell, called “Pummerin”.

13 – Food

Of course you have to try Austrian food. Above all, there is Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn. Try to eat the real Kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce! It has its name from the Austrian emperor Kaiser Franz Joseph I, who was really fond of this meal (I feel with him). The original Wiener Schnitzel is made of Veal. Everything else tastes weird.

12 – Salzburg – Mozart’s house

I bet you have heard of Mozart so far. He was the most famous musician of Austria. Salzburg had been his birthplace. You are able to take a look at his former flat and get some insight to his amazing life.

11 – Salzburg – Hohensalzburg Castle

Above the city, the castle of Hohensalzburg is enthroned. While climbing up seemingly endless paths, you are able to enjoy the best view of Austria’s third biggest city. You definitely won’t regret it!

10 – Bregenz – Lake Constance

To be honest, Austria has got lots of really nice lakes. One of the cutest ones is Lake Constance. It demarcates  Austria from Germany and Switzerland. If you are lucky, you are able to spot airships. This leads us to my next point:

9 –  Salzburg – Hangar 7

One of the most famous Austrians, Dietrich Mateschitz, owns this great collection of historical air planes, helicopters and Formula-One racing cars. Don’t tell me you have never heard of Didi Mateschitz before! He invented the drink “Red Bull”. At least now you have to know him!

8 –  Grossglockner – Pasterze

Austria’s biggest mountain has also to offer a glacier tongue. Whether you are interested in ancient ice or not, you will be fascinated by marmots and their whistle.

7 – Innsbruck – Goldenes Dachl

The view of a golden roof may not stun you. Still I think it is an important part of Austria and there are a lot of visitors and tourists every day! The latter one is pretty astonishing, because you are able to look at thousands of visitors, trying to get a picture of a golden roof.

6 – Eisenstadt – Schloss Esterhazy

Have you ever heard the German national anthem? The melody was composed by the Austrian composer Haydn. He lived and worked in Schloss Esterhazy. I promise, the sight of this great building will baffle you just like the life of Joseph Haydn.

5 – Mountains

Austria has a lot of mountains. In fact it nearly consists of them. Anyhow, there are some mountains you have to take a look at: The Loser in the Salzkammergut, the Dachstein in Upper Styria and the Grimming. Don’t hesitate to climb to the top! You will enjoy the great view.

4 –  Winter sports!

Austria is most commonly known for the ski resort Lech am Arlberg, which is in Bludenz. However, there are a lot of great (and cheaper) ski resorts all over Austria! For example Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Heiligenblut am Grossglockner and Nassfeld in Carinthia. You will never forget a week skiing the greatest mountains I have ever seen!

3 – Graz – Castle Hill

The Castle Hill is most famous for the Uhrturm – I can guarantee, it is really worth a visit! Furthermore you will be astonished by the beautiful historic city of Graz and the Liesl – a bell tower. Don’t hesitate to take a guided tour through Graz.

2 – Beer

The Austrians vow that they have got the best beer on earth (the Puntigamer) and I think that this actually may be true. (Although I dislike any sort of beer)

1 – Zotter’s Chocolate

And my favourite part of Austria: chocolate!!! To be specific: Zotter’s Chocolate. A guy named Zotter puts every possible taste into chocolate. Even roses and fish are no exception. If you visit his manufacture you will have stomach ache  afterwards, but you won’t regret it!

To sum it up, Austria is a great country, not only for inhabitants! Why don’t book your next summer or winter holidays in Austria?


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