About me

Hello world out there,

I am Irikalu. Weird name? I know. If you dislike it – go on. I don’t give a shit. This may not be a nice way of introducing myself… Well, okay. I am interested in everything except for fights and war. My favourite colour is (as you may have guessed) blue. Do you know this small booklets for children to let their friends write into? I am going to answer the mostly asked questions: My name is Irikalu. My birthday is in July. I have got a mobile phone and an email address (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to log in). My hair is brown. My eyes are blue. I am quite tall. I loveĀ music from the 80s and 90s. My favourite song is “Land Down Under” from Men At Work. It makes me feel like holidays every single time I listen to it. My favourite book is “The Help” and my favourite author is Jonas Jonasson. I live on the countryside. Therefore my favourite animals/pets are crickets and roe deer. I prefer cats, but also like dogs. If I were a spider, I would create my cobweb somewhere where it is warm the whole time. I want to become satisfied and self-confident. If there is something I hate, that would be liars. My hobbies are cycling and skiing, but also writing and reading (I do not care about the language). And my biggest wish is peace. Peace for everyone. Unfortunately this is a goal a lot of people opt for and none ever reached… Are there still questions? Contact me!

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